A friendly reminder for folks in the Raleigh NC area:

My next book signing will be:

September 6:

Stevens Books Shope
6700 Old Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616

Please come join me.  I’ll be signing books from Noon until 3:00pm, so stop by and pick up a copy of  “Grandchildren of Liberty: Patriots and Tyrants”.  I’ll be more than happy to sign it for you and feel free to stick around to browse for other books or just chat.

Hope to see you there.

The Caliphate is news NOW???

Some of us have been telling anyone who would listen that the Caliphate was coming for three or four years, but suddenly, now that the MSM has actually used the word on live TV, it’s become a real thing, and Google searches about the word are through the roof. 

I don’t know about you, but I stopped listening to the MSM about the time Clinton got elected, and Jimmy Carter became a “Great man”. I clearly, and fondly, remember when Carter was “Mr Peanut”. and the “Idiot from Georgia” and for the record I lived in SC at the time, so this wasn’t a north south thing. This was also about the time Mikhail Gorbachev started getting credit for ending the cold war, and Margaret Thatcher’s name became a curse word in England.

The Media was changing the very history I’d just lived through right before my eyes, and the saddest thing of all was how many people my own age were buying into it. That was also about the time I started looking up the definitions and origins of words like “Propaganda” and phrases like “the Big Lie”.

What I found caused me to stop blindly trusting the MSM, and my overall opinion of them has only gone down sharply from there.

Not long after, I began studying the works of people like Saul Alinsky, and as I read I started seeing more patterns, and those patterns kept repeating themselves in more and more extreme cycles. This, coupled with a near-complete lack of the normalcy bias in my own psychological make-up led me to look at things very differently. It dose make me more pessimistic than average I admit, but it has yet to lead me astray.

Being open to the existence of such unthinkable scenarios allows me, and others like me, to see things coming. I began seeing these patterns in the 90’s, but no one wanted to think for themselves any more, they just accepted any emotion-laced argument spoon-fed to them by the MSM and checked their own brains at the door.

People today mostly seem to think with their hearts and their glans. Their brains are not even invited to the conversation.

The clear and obvious clues to what was coming in the middle east were all right there for anyone to put together, but most refused to look because they could not accept the idea that something as nasty as the Caliphate could ever happen, much less that groups would be trying to make it happen. They just couldn’t accept the idea of that sort of evil still existing in the world, and now ISIS is rubbing their collective noses in it.

The Caliphate is a theocracy, a complete and absolute religious state.

With the possible exception of the Vatican, (population under 900 people, covering 110 acers.), can anyone name a theocracy in all of history that was anything other than a bloody, ruthless, tyrant state? Anyone?

“Hears Crickets…”

To make matters worse, it’s a theocracy based on the madness that is Sharia law, where a woman needs 3 male witnesses to prove she was raped. Girls as young as 8yr are forced to marry grown men, (some died on their wedding night.) and non-believers may be robbed, beaten, raped, or crucified without penalty in today’s society. Now some of you may try and point out that all Theocracies have allowed similar things IN THE PAST, but as I said, ISIS is doing it TODAY. These psychotic monsters are the very definition of evil. But wait.. aren’t our kids taught today that there is no such thing as Good or Evil there are only different points of view.

Gee, I wonder if that might be part of the reason no one wanted to look at the clues? Because it exposes The Big Lie. EVIL is very real, and all that it needs to win, is for good people to do nothing.

Wake up folks.

Book Signing Sept 6th

My next signing will be at:

Stevens Books Shope
6700 Old Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616

On Sept 6th.

Please come join us, ill be signing from noon to 3, so stop by, pick up a copy of “Grandchildren of Liberty: Patriots and Tyrants”, ill be more than happy to sign it for you and feel free to stick around to brouse for other books or just chat.

Hope to see you there.

Click on the image below to see a high-res version,  Jason really is a genius!


Am I the only one who sees this?

Our nation is literally being flushed down the crapper by our own administration.

They refuse to enforce the border, say nothing helpful about riots in Missouri,  then send in a team who only seem able to make such matters worse under the orders of a man who seems to think were still living in the 50’s

They’re trying every backdoor method possible to take away or natural born right to defend ourselves since they failed to take it away directly, and at the same time throw open the prisons to release dangerous criminals onto our streets due to “budget issues” and let even worse thugs cross our southern border with all but a wink and a nod.

If the current president had the media Nixon did, he would’ve been impeached five times by now, yet they do nothing but fawn all over him like a stage hand flattering a Hollywood diva.

And everything, and i do mean EVERYTHING MUST be viewed through the prism of RACE.  Something this nation has long since rendered moot.

I remember real racism, I grew up in the south and saw it first hand.  The separate bathrooms, the lunch counter protests the lynchings, and all the rest.

The few incidents we have today, when compared to the 50’s are like comparing the Hiroshima bomb to a wet firecracker. the race war is over… Racism LOST!

Our Media ignores real news to push stories about manufactured crises, and voyeuristic badgering of dead men while our world teeters on the brink of world war 3…  it all seems like a no win scenario.


What no one in the government seems to see is that more and more every year the sleeping American eagle is awakening.

An eagle is not just any bird. it is one of the most deadly and effective predators in the sky. they can see clearly things at distances humans only perceive as a vague blur, and they can strike with blinding speed out of the sun where you never see them coming.

Consider this a fair warning to the government.  The eagle is waking up, and mice and weasels should start treading a lot lighter, not to mention start looking over their shoulders…

My message to the administration.


Book signing Tomorrow…

Tomorrow from 12 noon to 2pm I’ll be doing a book signing and meet and greet a…

Game theory, 6260 Glenwood Ave, Suite 109
Raleigh, NC 27612

Drop by and say hello, get your book signed, and if you don’t have one we’ll have copies avalable.

I want to thank Abe and the nice folks at Game Throry for hosting me.

Hope to see you there.

Here it is for your perusal and discussion, The full text of the Secundian Constitution

As promised in the book, I have posted the full text of the Secundian Constitution here for discussion and dissection. It is broken into 8 sections so you don’t need to read the entire thing in one sitting.

If you think something is wrong, make your case. If you see something that confuses you ask, and if you think it needs rewording  speak up.

In the book it was written by the smartest man in the world, J.P. Cain. but I’m not J.P. and I’m under no illusion that I’m that smart. I miss things, and if you see something i missed please let me know. I love discussing this stuff, and would enjoy a healthy debate on the subject from anyone interested.

I’m more than willing to make changes if you can show valid mistakes or prove how something is not going to work as intended, but please be ready to back up your assertions with facts and or figures. This is a debate of ideas and facts, not feelings.

The primary goal here is to make a functional government system that has FIRM and ABSOLUTE limits on its power, yet it can still serve its basic duties and not grow into the out of control monolith we suffer today in the US.

For those of you that contribute to the body of this document, if you wish, your name will be added to a special acknowledgement section when the Constitution is published in the final book in the series.

Let the facts fly and see where it all ends.


One last comment…

Friends and future citizens,
This is a blueprint, not a grammatical text. As such, we use CAPS, to illustrate the importance of certain core concepts.

Some will yell… “You can’t do that. It’s not grammatically correct.” To them, we ask: Do you think WE THE PEOPLE, writ-large in the original was a mistake?

Do you think Jefferson said, “Oops, I need to shrink this font, or it’s not going to fit…”? We don’t. The Founders were sending a message.

WE THE PEOPLE we’re meant to be the ALPHA and OMEGA of the Entire System. Not our Elected Officials, not Professors and Scientists, not Priests, and most definitely Not Lawyers.
Us. YOU and ME. The PEOPLE

This document was not wholly a product of direct genius, but was written from the shoulders of genius. The genius of the Original Founders of the USA.

We’re following that tradition, and for clarity, here’s a basic key to the system:
Out Of Place Caps = Something Very Important. or YELLOW ALERT
ALL CAPS = Something Vital. or RED ALERT
Keep this in mind as you read. These aren’t mistakes. They exist for a reason.


The Preamble and Article:


This was published in the book, but is repeated here for completion.

We the People of Secundus, in order to form a less imperfect union than we have suffered before, to establish Justice, insure Domestic Tranquillity, Provide for the Common Defense, Promote the General Prosperity, Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our prosperity, while acknowledging the largely ignored FACT that even the Most Benevolent form of government is, at best, a Necessary Evil, ordain and establish this Constitution as a FIRM and ABSOLUTE LIMIT on the FINITE POWERS of the Republic of Secundus (RoS).

Article. 1. The Duty to Vote

The DUTY to vote, hereafter referred to, as “The Sovereign Franchise” shall be granted to ANY person who has COMPLETED a term of 4 years honorable service in the Republic Ranger Corp (RRC).

The Freedom to VOLUNTARILY Enter service Shall NEVER be Denied or Limited for ANY adult, in ANY case, or for ANY reason other than a case of mental defect so severe as to produce an inability to understand the oath of service. It is the Republic’s DUTY to find STRENUOUS, and USEFUL ways for each person to serve.

This does NOT, however, mean the service shall be made LESS dangerous or burdensome in any way, nor does it guarantee YOU will be capable of completing that service. YOU may only be FORCIBLY discharged for intentional violation of RRC regulations, Treason, or convictions of a Felony. Physical disability may require reassignment but does not MANDATE discharge.

However, YOU may Voluntarily Leave the RRC at any time, except while Mobilized. Leaving under Mobilization conditions is Desertion. If the RRC is Mobilized you are committed for the Duration. You may “Apply” to leave at such times, but permission to do so is at the RRC’s discretion. Actually Leaving the RRC before completion of 4 years, for ANY reason, results in PERMANENT and IRREVERSIBLE forfeiture of your Franchise. “Applying to leave,” if refused, does not cost your Franchise, only ACTUALLY LEAVING.

There are several ways to lose your Franchise once earned; all are delineated here. Once lost, it’s nearly Impossible to regain! You may not vote During your service, only AFTER. Fulfilling this Duty is the ONLY, way to gain Citizenship within the Republic EVER. All others living in the RoS are classified as Individuals. The ONLY differences between Citizens and Individuals are the Duty of Sovereign Franchise, eligibility for election to public office, and qualification to teach some subjects in schools. They’re UTTERLY EQUAL in ALL other ways under Republic Law. When referring to everyone as a single group, we use the term “Residents.”

Voluntary Service in the RRC directly demonstrates a level of civic responsibility to something in the material world larger than the family unit, and as such is the ONLY valid qualification for the greatest DUTY in any Representative Republic, The Sovereign Franchise. This may not GUARANTEE a responsible voter, but it demonstrates the desired mindset. It’s a Solemn DUTY to the FREEDOM of ALL, and MUST be exercised that way, Never for self-enrichment, or manipulation. We PRAY that when some FOOL proposes a vote for every “warm body,” our descendants will “Show them the door.” Otherwise, they will get Exactly what they Deserve!

A CITIZEN must understand that the Necessary Evil of government should Never be allowed to grow beyond the limits here, nor granted control over ANY Personal aspects of your life not expressly granted within this document. This Constitution is the Start, and END, of the Republic’s power, now, and Unless Properly Amended, FOREVER!