The simple truth about Conceled carry

One of the single most effective aspects of concealed carry, is its basic deterrent effect on crime in general. Now I’m sure any gun grabber worth his salt will start quoting a dozen academic studies that find “no correlation” between crime rates and concealed carry, but remember that 90% of collage professors are self confessed liberals ( IE Progressives… but that’s a different topic)

Why on earth do you need an “expert study” to explain basic common sense? Especially since most so called experts seem to posses almost no common sense.

Lets break it down for the “experts” so perhaps even they can get it…

QUESTION: If you are going to commit a crime, do you want a helpless victim? Or one that can fight back?

ANSWER: You want a helpless victim.

Now can anyone tell me ANY set of circumstances where this is not true other than mental instability, or chemical inebriation?


Therefore, if the crooks do not know who is armed and who isn’t, they will be less likely to attack, and thus crime goes DOWN!


Experts can go on for days about ‘socio-economic issues’ or ‘racial profiling’ or any of a hundred other factors they claim are more important, but when you come down to it, once a man makes the decision to commit a crime, regardless of how he got there, he still considers his survival before anything else because what good is the crime if he will not live to enjoy the spoils…

Again, nothing complex, just basic human nature and survival instinct. And it overrides the experts ‘reasons’ every time… that is why it’s called human nature. It is bred into the bones of EVERY person on the planet, regardless of ANY other factor.

That basic survival instinct overrides everything else, and if you are intellectually honest at all you will admit this. It does not matter how you got to that point, that does not effect basic human nature. This is true of every person ever born, from the lowliest street-sweeper to the richest Midas. EVERYONE wants to survive.

SO the fact that people in an area have the right to carry their own weapons WILL figure into the criminals calculations. It is an indisputable FACT of logic. No studies or surveys to the contrary can ever change that simple basic aspect of human nature. .. Everyone wants to SURVIVE!

Now that accounts for the majority of crime, but how about the mentally unstable or the chemically inebriated? Does it deter them?

No of course not. When your brain is addled, logic goes out the window… but concealed carry still helps even in those circumstances.

It is just a simple matter of odds.

Currently the US population is approx. 319 million.

And despite recent increases, the US still only has about 1.1 million cops.

You do the math. Can one cop protect 300 civilians at all times?

Consider that the minimum most private security firms use to protect a single individual 24/7/365 is 9. Three 8-hour shifts, of three men each.

So who is actually responsible for protecting you?


And no matter how you frame it, every single licensed and trained concealed carry holder out there is one more chance to stop the random nut-job or drugged out idiot when they do pop up.

The Hoplophobiacs (people who fear weapons) always want to paint anyone who carries as some sort of slavering, bloodthirsty psychopath. But the honest truth is, we’re the sane ones. We are the ones that understand the logic and the odds, and know that when the time comes the only person we can count on to defend ourselves and our loved ones is OURSELVES.

Despite the diligent job they do, most police arrive in time to draw the chalk outlines.

I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to have my last portrait drawn in chalk.

FLAT TAX is the only real way to change things.

I have heard this argument raging all over for over a decade, and the simple truth is both sides have valid points.

1) Either would be better than the current progressive income tax.
2) Either would break the power of the IRS (something that MUST be done)
3) Either would put a financial limit on government it does not currently posses.

For myself, I have bounced back and forth between the two, but now I’m a 100% supporter of the Flat Tax, and here is why…

I have often heard the Fair taxers claim that their system is simpler than the IRS… 100% true! BUT it is still 40 pages filled with rules and exceptions that give bureaucrats all sorts of wiggle room, and if I know one thing, it is that if you give a bureaucrats wiggle room it will result in a new government agency!

The original Tax code was only one page, yet it has grown to well over 70,000. in the last 102 years what is to stop the Fair tax code from turning into the exact same behemoth with a different face?

I have yet to get anything like a good answer for this.

With the flat tax the entire tax code could be printed on a post card.


Every citizen will pay a MAXIMUM of 10% of their earned income to the government no matter its source. Be it paycheck, return on investment, or otherwise. If you are payed in cash it is your responsibility to pay your taxes and keep records proving your income and payments. Failure to do so will result in a fine of no less and no more than the difference between your actual payment, and the national average taxes for whatever job you do. No exceptions, no deductions, no loopholes, no tax credits, ever.

There is no wiggle room there. No place for politicians and bureaucrats to play the games that have put us in the mess we are in. No exceptions, which are always used to justify “just one more exception”….

The Fair tax might be nice, but the Flat Tax is orders of Magnitude harder to monkey with. And lets face it. Politicians are monkeys who just cant resit turning knobs and flipping switches just to see what they do.

FLAT TAX all the way!

To the People of France

Our leadership has fallen silent, so it’s up to individuals to pick up the slack.

I am speaking for myself, my family, and I hope many more Americas when I say we weep with you today for you loss and for the senseless wound inflicted upon you by Radical Islam.  They are the greatest threat to peace in our time.

My prayers are with you and I only wish I could offer you more than words. Please do not confuse our leadership with our people, for they are no longer one in the same.

May God comfort, and be with you in your time of need.


David Bagwell.

The purpose of Government.

My thoughts on the subject. Sorry it’s a bit long, but it’s a big subject.

It’s never the place of government to tell anyone how to live, only to maintain minimum guidelines needed to allow residents to live in long-term close contact. Exact moral codes are the province of religion.
Basic morality is critical for the long-term function of a republic.
The government is the agent to enforce only the most basic earthly morality, IE, Don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t bear false witness, don’t betray your spouse, and don’t break your word, the rest is between you, your family, your neighbors, and if you’re a person of faith, your god, but those five things concern all the world around you, and are thus under the authority of government.
When governments try to do anything more, it grows tyranny and kills freedom faster than any force known to man. On a side note: almost every religion in existence agrees on these five “earthly” morals. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
Government must be slow and deliberate, never fast and efficient. Efficient government if far too powerful. Citizens should worry when the process isn’t gridlocked. That sluggish pace stops the wheels of tyranny from running over freedom.
So my advice to those who wish to push an agenda is best summarized by two quotes of great wisdom.
“Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Matthew 7: 1) And: “If it neither picks your pocket nor breaks your leg, mind your own damn business!” (paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson)
Some call the Constitution a “charter of negative liberties,” and they’re absolutely correct! Negative liberties for the Politicians! There’s little beyond what’s listed in the Constitution that any government should ever do for or to you.
People must take care of themselves as far as possible, and where not, it’s the duty of their neighbors to help. Either alone or in groups, but it’s never the government’s job.
While a necessary evil, politics is the most corrupting activity in the known universe, so the necessary evil of government must be kept to a bare minimum!
Remember, man’s laws can define the nature and punishment of crime, but no law ever devised can be proved to have prevented anything. Beware those who claim “prevention” or “safety” is their goal because it’s impossible! The quest for prevention is a disguise for seeking control.
The Constitution is not a “living” document. It is an “eternal” one, enumerating primary and permanent limits on the power of the republic. Historically there’s never been an example of a bigger government making a better, or more individually free, nation. If someone claims otherwise, make them prove it!
Never forget that when some politician tells you “something-or-other” is a right, you should ask one question: “At whose expense?” (Ayn Rand) because one truth never changes: “There is no such thing as a free lunch!” Or, if you prefer, TINSTAAFL. Disregard, or allow others to disregard that at your own peril.
Once the genie of expanding government is out of the bottle, it is nearly impossible to put back.
Law must be clear and simple. Undue complexity only creates a space for lawyers to twist and confuse issues, thereby justifying their existence. Lawyers are translators of the law and required extensive training to serve this function. But if legalese had never been allowed to muck up the process, we would have much less actual need of them, and they would require much less training. This is why laws should be written in plain English.
Then If any law confused you, simply ask: “what evil was it written to correct?”

Thanks for reading.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.

I had to post this one…

After you watch that I can only ask… Do you Honestly think these white liberal collage indoctrinated IDIOTS  understand racism better than a man who LIVED THROUGH Jim Crow in the deep south?

What it tells me is these elitist nit wits think they know what they are talking about better than a man who lived through it on the dark side of it..

What is shows me is the basic attitude of the left in this country: Sit Down, Shut up and do as WE tell you because WE know better than you do.

Anyone get a different take away?

Grandchildren of liberty has been given rousing reviews on Amazon.

The story of a genius and a hero founding a new republic has a small but growing following. Mostly on line, but its not to late to get on the band wagon. This is a story that should resonate with anyone paying attention to the current world stage in addition to just being an exciting adventure.

with an overall rating of 4.5 stars, its well worth a look according to those who have read it.

check it out for yourself.