Our nation has lost its drive.

I don’t really know if this kind of thing is the cause or the effect, but it is a testament to how far we have fallen as a nation.

In Hudson falls N.Y., a 9 year old boy named Tyler weaver read 63 books this summer, to win a library reading contest.  It is his 5th consecutive victory. And I for one Salute him,  but the Library’s director doesn’t see it that way.  She was first going to ban him from competing, but now she is just going to make the “competition” end in a random drawing.

It will no longer be any form of competition, it will just be a random prize.

When asked why, Marie Gandron, the library director said he was hogging all the prizes, and others should have a chance…

Instead of using him as an example to inspire others she is going to eliminate the contest all together.

Am i the only one that sees this woman as OUT OF HER BLOODY MIND?

The idea of summer reading programs is to get kids to read. Isn’t it?   Well this one is succeeding, and now this woman wants to end it because one boy keeps winning?

She is taking a successful program, and turning it into another participation-trophy.  Like we need more of those.  Americans succeed because we try harder,  but why try at all if you just get a random prize?   read two books, read two dozen, read two hundred…  you have an equal chance to win.

And we wonder why our kids don’t want to work any more…  This kind of crap is WHY.

For the full story check the link.

Librarian Bans 9-Year-Old From Reading Contest Because He “Hogs” Contest By Winning

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