I have a proposition for you. I’m preparing to release a new Political Sci-Fi novel.


Grandchildren of Liberty, book 1: Patriots and Tyrants.


It’s a complex world based on Libertarian and Constitutional principles that are so lacking in our nation now. I’m looking for Beta readers to have a first look at the book and provide constructive feedback.


But unlike many, I’m actually offering a reward for your efforts. If you read the book and get back to us within 45 days, your name will be added to the Constitution of Secundus as one of the original 114 settlers. The first 8 slots are filled by characters in the book, so the next 106 people who send in their feedback will be added to the roster of original settlers in the constitution.


Names will be added on a First come, first served basis.


The constitution itself will be first published on my blog, and open to debate.



If there is enough interest we will publish the Constitution itself as a companion document to the book series, and your name will be a part of this new world.


Want to be immortalized in fiction? Now’s your chance.


For a review copy, contact me on my blog or:





Look for the book’s release at the end of the year.



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