Does anyone ever just tell the truth anymore?

Every mass shooting in the last 40 years (save one that happened in a police station) has been in a gun free zone.  These things are a getting people KILLED not making them safer.

How long do we have to lose people to this insane idea that by disarming honest law abiding citizens we are somehow reducing crime?  The Criminals do not obey the laws to start with: Thus the term “criminal”  it is a truly special kind of stupidity to think that by disarming the good people you are somehow making them safer.

You are in fact making them walking targets!

In 93′ Clinton made military bases “gun free zones” and it went all but unmentioned in the press.  This lay the ground work for both Fort Hood, and the DC navy yard shootings.

If not for this stupid regulation neither one of those lunatics would have gotten off more than a couple of shots before some solider dropped um in their tracks.

I mean, how dose it make sense that we trust these men and women to fight for us and defend us around the world, but we cant trust them with guns on their hips on their own damn base?


Hey Main stream media, Try it out sometime you might like it…

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