Zero Tolerance = Infinate Stupid

Am I the only one that sees this happening everywhere today?

We have children being suspended for eating a POP-TART into the shape of a gun.

Children being suspended for pointing a finger at a classmate and going BANG.

Children being arrested for a HELLO KITTY BUBBLE GUN!

And now a kid is EXPELLED! for shooting an AIR SOFT gun in his own DAMN YARD!

So… Either…

1) These people have lost their Damn Minds.


2) It is being done on purpose.

They are trying to teach kids and parents to FEAR guns.

Based on the available data, it really looks like number two is the winner.

This Administration has been after guns since the day they were sworn in.

The Progressives in the government have been trying to disarm us for most of the last century.

The progressive play-book is all about changing perceptions over time through propaganda and manipulation of perception.

The UN is trying to push their international small arms treaty that basically shreds the 2nd Amendment.

Does anyone really think all of these things are Isolated incidents?  Completely non-related to each other.  If you do… i have a great real-estate  deal for you cash only non-sequential small bills…

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