My thoughts on Healthcare….

Why does medical care cost so much in the first place?

You want a solution to the heath care issue in this nation, here it is….

1.) Allow heath insurance to be sold across state lines. (thus increasing competition and lowering prices)

2.) Eliminate Punitive Damages in court cases, OR implement the British rule where if you loose a lawsuit YOU pay the court costs. (thus reducing the outrageous amounts doctors and hospitals have to pay for mal-practice insurance. Why should someone become an overnight millionaire because someone else makes a mistake?)

3.) Eliminate the HMO’s and all the other big company solutions, put it back to a direct doctor patient conversation.

4.) Create tax exempt health savings accounts that can be passed down generation to generation and are out of the governments control. This will allow people to pay for the day-to-day stuff out of pocket, and put insurance back where it was meant to be… a safety net for the big stuff. IE low cost, high-deductible, catastrophic plans that while available today are being phased out.

5.) Phase out ALL government health care. They have proven time and again unable to run it well… (Don’t believe me? Ask any Vet how well the VA functions. Or a Medicare recipient how great it is… Think for a minute. These are the people who can’t even run the POST OFFICE… and you want to trust them with your health care?)

Yes the last one is going to be a tough sell, but this nation got along without it quite well for over 150 years before FDR created, and LBJ expanded the welfare state to its current dimensions.

Perhaps we could phase out the government heath care system (Medicaid,Medicare etc…) over time and use the funding to start heath savings accounts for people who can’t afford to start their own. and they can use that money to also pay for their insurance…  Problem solved.

All of this will cost the tax payers NOT ONE THIN DIME.

Either of the top two would drop the cost of health care by 50% over night. Together… who knows how low it could go.

Again don’t believe me? Ask a doctor you do not know and who does not know your financial status how much a procedure will cost your insurance company, then tell them you are ready to pay in cash, and ask how much of a discount they can give you?

The cost will drop 40-60% on the SPOT because of all the money they will save not having to deal with the government/insurance companies etc…..

PS I tried this in Chicago. A $350 X-ray wound up costing me 65 bucks… ( I also shopped around a bit before getting it that low.)

You are looking to the very people who CREATED the problem to solve it. Doesn’t that seem a bit unwise?

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