Article. 2. Section. 6. Republic and Private Employment

One of the greatest mistakes the US made was to allow the government to set its own hiring/firing/and pay rules…

here is how they do in on Secundus.

Article. 2. Section. 6.

All members of the CoS receive pay EQUAL to a RRC Lieutenant, but it is paid ONLY when the CoS is ACTIVELY in session. Politics MUSTNEVER, become a CAREER! No one holding ANY position under the RoS may be elected or hired to ANY other position, nor receive pay for more than one job under the Republic at a time.

You MUST resign from ANY current RoS position before accepting or applying for another. It’s ABSOLUTELYFORBIDDEN to hold ANY office while running for another. Doing so serves the candidate’s needs. The needs of the CITIZENRY ALWAYS COME FIRST!

Office Holders may not be arrested during attendance to their duties, and going to and from the same with the exception of Treason charges. This is the ONLY privilege Politicians get, EVER!

Unelected Employees of the Republic may never work for the RoS for more than 8 years TOTAL in their lifetime. Citizenship is not required, but if they are Citizens, this does not count as a term in elected office. Pay for such jobs is FIXED at the CURRENTAVERAGE for similar jobs in the private sector, and RoS Employees may NEVER be members of Any Form of Union.

Collective bargaining “in good faith” is IMPOSSIBLE when the Employer has vast resources not their own, and a vested interest in giving the union anything it wants in return for votes, and favors. Outside of RoS jobs, the Republic places no restrictions, exceptions, or obligations on Unions beyond these:

  1. No Union May EVER stop a company from closing or relocating their shop.

  2. No Resident May EVER be kept from working due to Non-Participation in a Union.

  3. No Resident May EVER be forced to Stay in a Union, or lose their job for leaving it.

  4. No Resident May EVER be forced to pay ANY money to a Union they’re not a member of.

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