Knock-out : The fall of western society.

I’m sure, by now, all of you have heard of the sick “Game” called Knock-out.

I’m equally sure you have all heard that over the last few decades that various things were the “Fall of Western Society”. First it was Comic Books, then it was rock and roll music, then violent video games, then Rap Music.  And in every case it was proven to be all, or at least mostly hype. (different discussion.)

But this is something much much darker and much different.

This is not a fad,

This is not a new style of entertainment,

This is not a different cultures “Take on” or “Style of” something,

This is the total lack of value for life, combined with a criminal justice system that has no effective way to deal with juveniles who were never taught that basic value. Most of us were taught it by our parents, but apparently not all.

It’s a clear sign that things in our society have gone horribly wrong. How can you justify hitting a total stranger hard enough to render them unconscious? How do you understand that?

I understand it by way of the slow and inevitable degradation of the value of life that has been going on in western culture over the past century.

Who is playing this game?    Teenagers, (IE Juveniles )

Why?   Because they were never taught to know better, and there are no real consequences for their actions. The worst they will face it short term confinement with other people of a like disposition and mind set.  The most common outcome is to produce a more effective criminal, they learn their trade at the feet of others, and at the very least compare notes on what does and doesn’t work.

People are not “ALL” born with an ingrown sense of morals.  Some are its true, but most must learn it, and what to we teach our kids “as a whole” today?  Don’t get caught.   Look around, we have corporations breaking laws and hurting people, and do they face consequences?  Often no, and to make matters worse, they make HUGE amounts of money doing it.  Our cultural Icons in Sports and Entertainment often demonstrate the very lowest parts of human nature, yet they still rake in money hand over fist.

The fact that any child growing up in this society develops ANY moral compass at all is amazing sometimes.

That basic real world morality, is what we, “as a society” are losing. and without it, we are doomed.

And for those of you who are asking “Who’s definition of Morality?”

How about this:

Don’t Murder people

Don’t Steal

Don’t lie to hurt other people

Don’t break your word.

Don’t Betray your Spouse.

Almost every moral code in the world agrees on at least these 5 points…  so how about we start there?


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