“Gun Free Zone” signs should read: “Target-Rich Environment”


GUN FREE ZONES  are one of the biggest myths of our time, right up there with “Government Efficiency” and the idea that “The Government is here to help you.”

With only ONE EXCEPTION, (The attack on Gabby Giffords in 2011),(To be honest, I seem to remember an attack on a police station in the late 70’s, but I can’t be sure…) EVERY mass-shooting with more than 3 deaths, (not counting the shooter) since 1950 has happened in a GUN FREE ZONE.

This should tell you something. In fact, it’s almost to the point of, “HELLO McFly!”

More and more every day the progressive media is trying to deflect from this fact by twisting reality to try and make it not so.

Example: they’re now trying to claim that Fort Hood is not a Gun Free Zone because they had a few MP’s on the base. But the entire point of a “Gun Free Zone” is to take guns away from the AVERAGE person, so that ONLY the FEW police have them. Saying Fort Hood is not a Gun Free Zone is like claiming the average school is not one because the police station is a block down the street.

They also claim that there is no EVIDENCE that the existence of a Gun Free Zone effected the killers choice of location, but the very fact that over and over the shootings happen in these Zones directly demonstrates the connection. The very fact that these tragedies occur almost EXCLUSIVELY in Gun Free Zones IS the evidence.

When you’re talking a near 100% correlation, it is hard to conceive of a situation where there IS NOT a connection.

It’s clear that the “Batman Shooter” had his choice of SIX ( 6 ) OTHER theatres within 20 minutes of his home playing the movie he was obsessed with, and many were closer, so why choose the Cinemark?

A simple check of theater policies on their websites shows that Cinemark was the ONLY one that was Gun Free. Are we suppose to assume this was just a coincidence, and dismiss it out of hand?

Face it, common sense would tell such a lunatic that they will be more effective if no one can shoot back. The Newtown shooter even expressed a desire for a “high kill score.” How better to get that than in an area where no one is shooting back.

Next they try to say that these sorts of things only happen in the US because of our “Gun Culture” but the truth is, Until Newtown, the three worst K–12 school shootings EVER. took place in either Great-Britain or Germany.

Economists John Lott and William Landes conducted a groundbreaking study in 1999, and found the common theme of nearly all mass shootings was that they occur in places where guns are banned and killers know everyone will be unarmed, such as shopping malls and schools. They published their work in a book entitled “More Guns, Less Crime,” check it out.

The next line in their play-book reads: “these attacks are on the rise in our nation in the last decade.”  BULL CRAP! the overall highpoint for the US and mass shootings was in the 1920s, and more recently, the gun murder rate in the US had dropped by 50% since 1991…

I would offer that the second common factor appears to be the use of antidepressants and other powerful mental-health drugs. Every one of the current crop of lunatics has been on some sort of psychoactive drug or another. I would also add that in every recent case, investigation has discovered an obsession with violent video games.

Before you go there, let me be VERY CLEAR: I AM NOT advocating any sort of ban or boycott of video games, I play, and enjoy them myself, and I don’t think they turn normal kids into psychos… but the levels of REALISTIC violence in current games is becoming so overwhelming that the idea that it CAN”T be a factor is almost as insane as the idea of Gun Free Zones in the first place. DON’T ban them, but BE AWARE of them, and the possible effects they could have on ALREADY UNSTABLE individuals.

Gun Free Zones are shooting galleries for psychos.

In the time since Newtown several states have voted to allow teachers and other faculty to carry concealed if they can qualify. I would be very interested to see if those states suffer any school shootings any time soon.

Ultimately, only time will tell, but I’ve got $100 that says they will not be attacked unless they change back to the old FAILED Gun Free Zone model.

Any Takers?



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