The DISGRACE of the VA.


I don’t care what side of the political isle you stand on, What is happening in the VA is the most embarrassing thing I have ever heard as an American. The people responsible need to be fired and IMHO Jailed! The VA was entrusted with caring for our service people and they have not just dropped the ball, they have dropped it, snuck it off the field and hidden it in the tall grass. The responsible parties at the VA, and EVERY SINGLE executive above them needs to be FIRED and if appropriate JAILED!

WE THE PEOPLE can’t let this stand. It is time to rise up and tell the pin-heads in DC, NO MORE!!!

It is time to remind the arrogant weasels in DC that they work for us! Montel Williams is dead right, and his plan is 100% applicable, and practical. All it needs is the POTUS to get off his lazy-ass and do it.

The cost is easy to recoup, all that is needed is to cut back (not eliminate, just cut back) on new hardware in the latest defense appropriations bill.

These men and women, by their own VOLUNTARY choice put their lives and futures on the line for the rest of us, and the very least we OWE them is to take care of them after the fact.

It is the DUTY of EVERY single citizen to care for and help these people in return for their sacrifice. To do anything less is a shame on every one of us.

We scream all the time in this nation about our RIGHTS, but don’t talk near enough about our duties. You can’t expect to claim rights without performing the duties that justify them.


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