The Administration Goes from bad to worse!


First we see how our “benevolent” government treats our returning heroes via the Veterans Administration, and now, to get that story off the front page, The POTUS does something worse! He trades an accused Traitor, for the five worst Big-Beards in Gitmo and calls it a win?

How much more proof do people need before they see this entire Administration is not on our side! From the top down it is filled with people more concerned with power than the benefit of the people they are supposed to serve.

These weasels no longer serve the people who elected them, they only serve their own goals, and everyday it should be becoming clearer that those goals are not in our best interest. Look at what they are doing:

1) Common Core

2) Socialized Medicine

3) Cap and Trade

4) Fast and Furious

5) Abandoning our people in Benghazi

6) EPA shutting down our power generation capacity

7) The VA nightmare/scandal/murders, call it what you like. (it’s all three IMHO)

     (BTW this proves that #2 will not work! They can’t do it for vets… why do you think they can do it for ALL of us?)

8) Trading Bergdahl (suspected traitor) for 5 major Terrorist Leaders.

9) Trying to destroy the 1st, 2nd, and 4th, amendments.

10) Trying to shove Amnesty down our throats when we already have the worst unemployment since the 1930’s.

11) Abandoning Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn.

12) Releasing over 5000 Mexican criminals into the US.

And I could go on…

How can anyone still believe these people have our best interest at heart? And if by some odd chance you do, I only have one question…

Do you keep your head up your butt for the warmth?

It’s the government’s job to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic, but they have, in-point-of-fact, become the enemy.

To whom do we turn to defend us from our “defenders”?



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