Artical 5: sec 1- 5


Explanations of, Full faith and Credit, Extradition, Creation of a State, State requirements, and Education.

Article. 5. Section. 1. Full faith and credit between states

Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial actions of the other states. The Congress may, by general laws, prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof. The Residents of each state shall be entitled to all Privileges and Considerations of Residents in any other state.

Article. 5. Section. 2. Extradition

Anyone charged with a Felony who flees from Justice and is found in another state shall, on demand of the original state, be returned unless sufficient evidence indicates the accused may not receive a fair trial in that state. In such a case, the trial is held under direct Republic supervision. If multiple states call for extradition, chronological order of crimes sets precedence, and all trials will be conducted before ANY permanent punishment is administered.

Article. 5. Section. 3.Creation of a State

New states are added to the RoS during election years. A new state may only be formed within the area of an existing state(s) with the consent of all the states involved. Any group of 100 or more Residents may apply for statehood, setting aside 200 km2 of unclaimed land per person. The land is placed in trust and becomes a territory. The group must live on and work the land it until they raise the funds to pay for it. Then it becomes a State. Such sales are made at 75% of market value due to volume. Until Statehood is achieved, the RoS will enforce only basic territorial law. Once it becomes a State, it must draft its own constitution and nominate representation in both houses of the CoS. States may purchase additional adjacent land at a later time if it’s available. Residents man not purchase land directly from the RoS, only from Territories or States.

A private individual or family may homestead land outside of any State/Territory, but they are still subject to RoS laws. The land must be occupied and/or worked for 5 years, by the owner, never by proxy. once the surrounding land is claimed as a territory, they are considered residents of that territory, but the homestead remains their property,

Article. 5. Section. 4. State requirements

The RoS shall guarantee to every state a Republic form of government and the various other protections noted as “applying to all levels of government or court.” The RoS shall also protect individual states against invasion or domestic attack when necessary.

Article. 5. Section. 5.Education

The following course material and order of Importance is REQUIRED in Primary schools, in ALL states, or territories of the Republic. Primary schools are defined as 1st– 8th grade.

  1. Penmanship, Reading, Math, and Classical Critical Thinking come first in each grade, over all other courses, until mastered sufficiently to advance to the next grade. Also, Individual Personal Responsibility MUST be reinforced when and wherever possible.

  2. The study of this document and ALL its underlying principles, along with the FACTUAL study of History based on ORIGINAL SOURCES and NEVER solely on the “Opinions” of historians. The Honest lessons of history, Good and Bad, taught with emphasis on situations, people, and motives, NOT merely places and dates, gives students a framework for other knowledge. These classes MUST be taught by a CITIZEN.

  3. All classes in the Hard Sciences, such as Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, etc., followed by the “Softer” Sciences like Psychology, Anthropology, etc., & the Arts.

  4. Of LEAST value, are classes in physical fitness. Sports belongs in a different venue. Sports teams are a HUGE distraction from academic education and should not be supported by or connected to, schools.

  5. No Student shall EVER be passed to the next grade without first mastering the necessary skills to proceed. Nor shall any student be held back BY THE SCHOOL SYSTEM if his or her individual development is sufficient to move ahead of their age group.

Beyond this, ALL curriculum is set by the local communities, or the children’s parents. Home schooling will ALWAYS be allowed, however, the Constitution and History MUST still be taught by a Citizen. This is the ABSOLUTE LIMIT of RoS involvement in Education. It is FAR too vital to be centrally controlled, and It’s NEVER “One Size Fits All.” Treating it so is the WORST BETRAYAL we could ever do to our children. When ANY Government controls Education, it controls the FUTURE. NEVER LET THEM!


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