Articals 8 and 9: the Duties of a Citizen, and Media


Article. 8.The Duties of a Citizen.

Every Citizen has the following responsibilities to the Republic and their fellow man. Failure to uphold these duties May, in EXTREME cases, be grounds for revocation of Franchise.

Because I have the Right:

  1. to worship, or not, as I choose…I must honor the right of others to do the same.

  2. to honest government… I will seek out honest representatives. If none can be found, I will accept the responsibility to stand for that office myself.

  3. of freedomofspeech…I must defend others’ speech, even if I strongly disagree with it.

  4. of libertyI must have the courage to defend others’ security, lives, and property.

  5. to equal justiceI must stand for those whom I believe to be unjustly accused.

  6. to the truth… I will not bear false witness nor stand by as others do so.

  7. to keep the fruits of my labor… I must feed, protect and shelter my family, and do my part, OR MORE, for the less fortunate, the parent-less, the old, and the infirm.

  8. to knowledge… I will be accountable for myself and my children’s education.

  9. to choose… I am accountable to maintain a basic level of morality in my own life.

Article. 9. Media.

Due to the Massive influence of a UNIFIED media, No Resident is EVER allowed to OWN or INFLUENCE more than 1 outlet. This includes, but is not limited to, TV, radio, newspapers, book publishing, magazines, movies, etc. Only 1 of ANY of these may ever be controlled by a single Resident or group. Furthermore, any media outlet or reporter claiming to broadcast or distribute News MUST make public their political leaning(s). EVERYONE has a bias; therefore, no outlet can be UNBIASED. Such misdirection made propaganda practical in a modern setting. The Republic UTTERLY REJECTS the idea of an unbiased news outlet. So ADMIT your point of view and MOVE ON. The media is considered the 4th branch of government for a reason; its duty is to keep the others honest. It can’t do that if it becomes united and throws its monolithic support behind any single point of view. In addition, No level of government may EVER create, support, or limit ANY media, or Art, except to directly broadcast their unedited proceedings.


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