Article 4, Section 1- 3 The Executive Branch


The lay-out and limitations on the executive branch.

Article. 4. Section. 1. The Executive Branch

The Executive Power will be vested in the office of President of the Republic (PoR). The Citizen so elected shall hold office for a term of 8 years, together with a Vice-President (VPoR), chosen for the same term. After completion of their term, both are ineligible for ANY public office on ANY level. Their political service is complete, and they’re free to enjoy the rest of their life with the clear knowledge that their duty to the Republic is DONE! Anyone who presents him or herself for either office MUST possess the Sovereign Franchise, and be without Felony record.

The PoR/VPoR are elected as follows: Each State shall appoint/elect, in a manner of their choosing, a Number of Electors, equal to the combined Senators and Representatives the State is entitled to. An Elector must be a Citizen, without Felony record, a state resident, and not hold a current Position at ANY level of government.

Being an Elector does not count as a term in office, but no Citizen may serve in 2 consecutive Presidential elections. They shall meet in their respective states, and vote by Secret Ballot for any 2 of the Citizens who’ve submitted themselves for the positions.

The Electors are NEVER under ANY Obligation to Nominate both candidates from the same political organization, and are STRONGLY CAUTIONED NOT TO! The more voices, the better. Political Parties serve Themselves FIRST, and the Citizens SECOND, IF AT ALL! Therefore, Political Parties are an Unnecessary evil. Membership in one may even constitute an impeachable offence.

No Campaigning is ever allowed for PoR/VPoR. Their reputation IS their campaign; it’s up to the Electors to investigate the Candidates. No Candidate for PoR/VPoR has ANY “Right to Privacy” of their Past Records, and NONE may be sealed or hidden. Electors should remember that if you can’t find much information, you might not want to vote for them. Honest people don’t generally hide their past.

Each state shall do this Independently and Simultaneously. The Sealed votes are shipped under RRC guard to the RCD, addressed to the Departing VPoR. They are opened and counted in the presence of the entire CoS.

If a single candidate receives a 50%+1 majority, they become PoR, and the candidate with the 2nd highest total becomes VPoR. If no such majority is reached, the top 3 candidates are submitted to the Joint CoS for a vote. The VPoR officiates, but has no vote except to break a tie. If no 50%+1 majority is reached, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and the vote held a 2nd time. The victor is named PoR, and the other VPoR.

A quorum for this duty consists of 4/5 of the full CoS, if and only if, ALL States are represented in BOTH houses.

The Citizens only directly vote for their Representatives in the HoC, and depending on the individual state, possibly their Electors. THIS IS INTENTIONAL! The Citizenry at-large should always remember, Direct Popular Elections on a Republic level seldom produce good Leaders; in fact, they often give us the opposite.

Popularity and capability are seldom found in the same person. Popular Citizens are rarely decisive, and decisive Citizens are rarely popular. A Leader MUST BE DECISIVE.

All Candidates for office must present themselves prior to September 1st, and the states shall choose their Electors, no later than September 5th. The Electoral vote shall take place on October 20th of each Presidential election year allowing the Electors 50 days to investigate the candidates. The ballots will be transported to the RCD and counted on or before October 26th. All Necessary CoS votes will take place in a special session prior to the General elections. Naming the next PoR/VPoR is the last official act of the departing Congress in Presidential election years.

The VPoR shall replace the PoR in the case of Death, Disability (permanent or temporary) or Impeachment. The SoS may make law outlining a more extended “Order of Replacement” if they wish per. Art 2. Sec 3. Para 5.If a replacement PoR/VPoR serves more than 4 years, it counts as their single allowed term. The PoR’s salary is EQUAL to the salary of the Commander of the RRC. The VPoR’s salary is EQUAL to that of the 2nd in Command.

No elected official at ANY level of the Republic shall receive ANY other compensation from the Republic, or any State, DURING or AFTER their term of service. Profits from business(es) established prior to election are not affected; however, such businesses are, ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from doing ANY BUSINESS with ANY Level of Government, directly, or through ANY FORM of subsidiary During service, and for twice the duration of all terms served after stepping down. Violation of this provision is grounds for the Impeachment, or loss of franchise for ALL PARTIES involved.

Prior to taking office, ALL Citizens, elected to ANY position shall Publicly and Voluntarily take the following Oath or Affirmation:

“I (name) do solemnly (swear/affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of (name of office), and will, to my final breath, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic against all enemies, be they foreign or domestic, direct or indirect, with all that I have within me.”“So help me God.” or equivalent may be added at the Citizen’s choice.

Knowingly Breaking this oath is TREASON.

Article. 4. Section. 2. Presidential Powers and Limits

The PoR, in concert with the CoS, shall have the power to Mobilize the RRC and give them a specific objective. After mobilization, and prior to accomplishment of the objective, the direct day-to-day control of the RRC rests TOTALLY with Ranger Command. Waging “Politically Correct” War has caused the NEEDLESS deaths of far too many of their own people to be tolerated by any Sane Nation. Politicians should never DIRECTLY manage the Military. War is NOT a Diplomatic tool; it’s the final recourse when Diplomacy FAILS!

The RRC, in its Military role, is not a tool controlled by politicians; it’s a force to be Unleashed! At all other times the RRC is an Exploratory, Protective, and Service force. The ONLY Direct commands the PoR may issue once the RRC is Mobilized is to change the general objective, or Stand them Down. If given, those orders MUST be obeyed Immediately! The Only Valid reason for Delay is evidence that faster compliance will endanger more Ranger lives.

Once Mobilized, and until ordered to Stand Down, or Mission Completion, the Rangers MUST be supported to the fullest extent of the Republic’s ability in all things. Their budgets are not subject to political debate during Mobilization. ALL Other budget items are SECONDARY. Either fund and support the RRC to the hilt, or Stand Them Down! The Lives of our Rangers are on the line. THERE IS NO THIRD OPTION! EVER!

The PoR may directly choose the Department heads that will form the core of the executive cabinet. The PoR may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices. These departments are Precious Metal Mining, Treasury, Justice, and (If needed) Diplomacy.

When (and only when) Mobilized, The Commander of the RRC shall also have a voice in the cabinet. Nominated Cabinet ministers MUST be Citizens, without Felony record, and serve for 8 years like all other Republic employees. They receive the same pay as Supreme Court justices. The PoR may NEVER appoint Residents to positions of power outside CoS oversight, nor create ANY New Departments without the advice and consent of the CoS, however any such new Departments may be Nullified by the means outlined in Art. 2. Sec. 12.

The PoR may grant reprieves or pardons for any offence, except for Impeachment or Treason. They may restore 1 lost Franchise during their term for EXCEPTIONAL MERIT. This is the ONLY way to regain a lost Franchise.

The PoR has the Power to make Treaties, and nominate Ambassadors, Supreme Court Judges, and any other officers whose appointment procedures are not detailed here. These should be made with the advice and consent of the CoS. Such advice must be preserved in the public record. The CoS may allow the appointment of lesser officers by the PoR alone. PoR may fill any vacancies within the CoS that occur when the states can’t do so promptly. Such temporary commissions expire when the states elect or nominate a proper successor.

The PoR shall, twice annually, once at the beginning of the CoS session (Jan), and once in the middle of their annual recess (Jul), give to the CoS and the RoS at large, information on the state of the Republic, and recommend to their consideration such legislation as they judge necessary. He may, on Extraordinary occasions, call both houses of the CoS into emergency session.

The PoR shall receive ambassadors and other ministers but MUST ALWAYS make sure the Constitution is faithfully followed in EVERY situation. NO TREATY or AGREEMENT will EVER Supersede this Constitution in ANY way, under ANY conditions, or for ANY reason.

The PoR may make all necessary rules and regulations for the operation of the executive branch. Beyond that, they may ONLY create TEMPORARY legislation (an Executive Order) when the CoS is out of session, and any delay would make matters worse. Such orders carry the weight of law ONLY until Confirmed or Rescinded by the full CoS at the start of its next session. The PoR has NO OTHER DIRECT Legislative power.

Article. 4. Section. 3.Impeachment

ANY Elected, Nominated, or Employed Government Official may be Impeached.

  1. The HoC holds the primary power to invoke Impeachment at the Republic level, but the States, or the Citizenry at large may also invoke it by special referendum.

  2. The State legislatures, or the Citizenry of the state may impeach their Senators.

  3. The Citizens of the effected district may impeach their Representatives.

  4. In all cases, ONLY a 50% +1 majority of the Official’s employers (the Citizenry) or the appropriate legislative body are required to invoke impeachment.

  5. In all cases the citizens affected by the accused official may invoke impeachment independently of the government, and they may also overturn the results of ANY impeachment, via a 2/3 majority.

Once invoked, the official is IMMEDIATELY Suspended and MUST proceed to Judgement.

The following are Impeachable Offences: Advocating or Engaging in ANY form of Social-Engineering, lying to constituents, hiding or attempting to hide government actions from the citizenry, Advocating or Creating Legislation for personal gain, Embezzlement of government funds, over-reach/abuse of power, or any other offence listed in this document as impeachable.

The SCoR shall stand as panel of judgement for RoS Impeachments. If one of the SCoR is Impeached, the PoR will sit in their place. State Impeachments are Judged by the appropriate State Supreme Court. If a Justice is Impeached, the Governor will sit in their place. A 50%+1 majority will Impeach. mandating immediate removal from Position, disqualification from ANY political office EVER again, and loss of Franchise. Leveling criminal charges afterwards does not constitute double-jeopardy as Impeachment is a government function, and removing corrupt officials is a VITAL, and NON-NEGOTIABLE function. They MUST be dealt with quickly and more decisively than common Citizens as they are posted to a position of trust. Betrayal of public trust is NEVER a small matter!



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