Article 6 and 7: Amending the Constitution, and Limitations on the Republic’s power


Article. 6. Amendment Process

The HoC, The SoS, Any single State’s Legislature, or the Citizenry may propose Amendments to this Constitution. If passed by a 4/5 majority of ANY ONE of the above, the Amendment MUST then be submitted to ALL other State and Republic legislative houses, and the Citizens at-large, and given an up/down vote as a normal order of business. If PUBLICLY and OPENLY ratified by 4/5 of the States, the CoS, and the Citizenry at-large, it becomes an Amendment. This NEVER applies to Art. 2. Sect 12.; that is an UNALTERABLE.

Article. 7. Section. 1.“The Declaration Limitations on the Republic”

The CoS shall NEVER pass ANY LAW LIMITING or RESTRICTING any of the following, in ANY Way, at ANY Time, or under ANY Condition, except as noted in Art.3. Sec. 4.

  1. The Right of RESIDENTS to KEEP and BEAR ARMS, for ANY reason, primarily, but Never Limited To, protection from tyranny and personal defense. This comes FIRST because Inability to ENFORCE these limits renders them ALL moot.

  2. The Right of Freedom of speech and expression, whether verbal, printed, or otherwise, and it applies most stringently to the most Political, and/or Offensive examples, but remember… Speech is not Action.

  3. The Right to establish, practice, or express ANY religion. However, this does not protect the breaking of RoS laws. Public expression of the values the RoS is founded on DOES NOT conflict with this provision. It is an acknowledgement of FACT.

  4. The Right of Peaceful assembly. Violence has no defense, But when a government turns tyrannical it is the Citizens’ DUTY to confront it. Pick your fights CAREFULLY.

  5. The Right to petition “for redress of grievance” ANY Government, Group, or Resident.

  6. The Right of Residents to consume Anything they wish, with the provision that crimes committed “under the influence” of ANY INTOXICANT carry a MINIMUM DOUBLING of penalty. Voluntary impairment is NEVER a defence, nor is Addiction. You CHOOSE to take it, Addiction is the result of that choice. Lack of choice only applies if Force or Trickery can be Proven at the point of consumption. Freedom of Choice is the basis of Liberty, but Choice is Action, and as stated repeatedly in this document, Action has Consequences.

  7. The regulation of marriage or other civil unions between consenting Residents. This is a PERSONAL and/or RELIGIOUS matter, and NEVER ANY of the RoS’s business.

  8. The Right to buy/sell/exchange ANY VOLUNTARY Personal Services.

  9. The Right of Residents to be SECURE in their Persons And Property from unjust Search or Seizure. NO warrant will EVER be issued without probable cause, supported by Oath or Affidavit, Specifically noting the Place to be searched, and Persons or Things to be seized. Seizure without warrant is Always THEFT! For anyone..

  10. The Right of property owners to control and utilize said property, except as noted in this constitution.

  11. Personal freedom of movement, even in the case of a Capital Crime, or Felony, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, or in cases arising while in Ranger service.

  12. The Right of the accused to a speedy, public trial, by an impartial jury of 12 RANDOM citizens from outside the jurisdiction of the crime; To be informed of the nature and source of the accusation(s); To be confronted with witnesses against them, and have compulsory ability to obtain witnesses for their defense and counsel if they wish.

  13. The application of a Jury trial, where the value in controversy exceeds that of 1 ounce of gold. No defendant, found innocent by a jury, shall EVER be re-tried by ANY Court.

  14. The Right of Residents to Film, Record, or Otherwise demand accountability from ANY government personnel, elected, appointed, or employed, DURING or INVOLVING the PERFORMANCE of their DUTIES. This includes SERVING Rangers.

  15. The Right to freedom from forced self incrimination; BUT that right does not extend to physical evidence such as fingerprints, drug tests, DNA, or similar trace evidence, as these are manifestations of action, not admissions.


  1. Excessive bail/fines can’t be imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishment inflicted, BUT, forcing a wealthy person to pay a proportionately larger bail/fine than a poor one is NOT excessive, and denying prisoners luxuries or making them work for their upkeep is not cruel or unusual. Nor is a swift, clean, execution.

  2. NO ONE will be tried for the same offence twice, nor be deprived of LIFE, LIBERTY, or PROPERTY, Without DUE PROCESS OF LAW under ANY circumstances.

  3. The RoS may never create, nor Allow to be created, ANY FORM of Central Bank. It’s a slow death to economic freedom Never to be tolerated under ANY Circumstances!

  4. Providing or Regulating Health care is NEVER the government’s job, as it will allow FAR TOO MUCH CONTROL over Residents choice to ever be limited once begun.

  5. The RoS may NEVER enact ANY form of wage/price controls, or minimum wage. As shown by history, this is destructive to the economy, and no real benefit to anyone.

  6. The RoS may NEVER subsidize or penalize ANY business, or entrepreneur, through excessive taxation or regulation. Promoting or limiting business is the function of the Free Market.

  7. No form of “Social Engineering” should EVER be tolerated, as it gives the bureaucrats FAR TOO MUCH power over Residents and MUST be STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

  8. The enumeration of certain restrictions never denies or disparages others, unless noted here, nor does it give the Government, at ANY level, ANY mandate to expand or restrict RIGHTS from the listed base. RIGHTS DO NOT COME FROM GOVERNMENTS!

  9. The powers not delegated to the RoC or the states by the Constitution, or prohibited by it, are reserved Primarily to the Individual, then the local communities, and then the States. The RoS has NO POWER beyond what is listed here.

  10. There’s NO Right to FREEDOM FROM OFFENCE, or to a FREE RIDE from society. Residents are expected to, as far as possible, pull their own weight. Assistance for those who can’t is the duty of Residents, and Local Charities, NEVER a Government matter!

  11. There are NO COLLECTIVE RIGHTS! Rights are ALWAYS Individual!

The States, or Communities, may create legislation in areas the RoS declines to, but such laws should be cautiously considered. This document is designed to allow the Maximum Freedom to Residents. This is the primary goal of the Republic. Nullification may overturn ANY legislation counter to that aim when challenged by a sufficient percentage of the population, but the challenge must come from Within the jurisdiction, not from without.

Article. 7. Section. 2. The Origin of “RIGHTS.”

RIGHTS” are bestowed upon us by God, or if you prefer, The Universe, at Birth. No Agency of Man has authority to take them except for the Direct and Immediate protection of others. That’s the reason for Art. 7. Sec. 1. However, your “Rights” END where the next person’s nose begins. In Extreme cases, conviction of violent crimes may require loss of Your Rights for the protection of others. Maintaining this balance is the primary Job of Government, not the creation of something they have no power to make.

This Constitution, in its ENTIRETY, RoS Law, and Treaties made under its authority, shall be, IN THAT ORDER, the Law of the Land. All courts everywhere are bound to these rules.



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