Here it is for your perusal and discussion, The full text of the Secundian Constitution

As promised in the book, I have posted the full text of the Secundian Constitution here for discussion and dissection. It is broken into 8 sections so you don’t need to read the entire thing in one sitting.

If you think something is wrong, make your case. If you see something that confuses you ask, and if you think it needs rewording  speak up.

In the book it was written by the smartest man in the world, J.P. Cain. but I’m not J.P. and I’m under no illusion that I’m that smart. I miss things, and if you see something i missed please let me know. I love discussing this stuff, and would enjoy a healthy debate on the subject from anyone interested.

I’m more than willing to make changes if you can show valid mistakes or prove how something is not going to work as intended, but please be ready to back up your assertions with facts and or figures. This is a debate of ideas and facts, not feelings.

The primary goal here is to make a functional government system that has FIRM and ABSOLUTE limits on its power, yet it can still serve its basic duties and not grow into the out of control monolith we suffer today in the US.

For those of you that contribute to the body of this document, if you wish, your name will be added to a special acknowledgement section when the Constitution is published in the final book in the series.

Let the facts fly and see where it all ends.


One last comment…

Friends and future citizens,
This is a blueprint, not a grammatical text. As such, we use CAPS, to illustrate the importance of certain core concepts.

Some will yell… “You can’t do that. It’s not grammatically correct.” To them, we ask: Do you think WE THE PEOPLE, writ-large in the original was a mistake?

Do you think Jefferson said, “Oops, I need to shrink this font, or it’s not going to fit…”? We don’t. The Founders were sending a message.

WE THE PEOPLE we’re meant to be the ALPHA and OMEGA of the Entire System. Not our Elected Officials, not Professors and Scientists, not Priests, and most definitely Not Lawyers.
Us. YOU and ME. The PEOPLE

This document was not wholly a product of direct genius, but was written from the shoulders of genius. The genius of the Original Founders of the USA.

We’re following that tradition, and for clarity, here’s a basic key to the system:
Out Of Place Caps = Something Very Important. or YELLOW ALERT
ALL CAPS = Something Vital. or RED ALERT
Keep this in mind as you read. These aren’t mistakes. They exist for a reason.


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