Am I the only one who sees this?

Our nation is literally being flushed down the crapper by our own administration.

They refuse to enforce the border, say nothing helpful about riots in Missouri,  then send in a team who only seem able to make such matters worse under the orders of a man who seems to think were still living in the 50’s

They’re trying every backdoor method possible to take away or natural born right to defend ourselves since they failed to take it away directly, and at the same time throw open the prisons to release dangerous criminals onto our streets due to “budget issues” and let even worse thugs cross our southern border with all but a wink and a nod.

If the current president had the media Nixon did, he would’ve been impeached five times by now, yet they do nothing but fawn all over him like a stage hand flattering a Hollywood diva.

And everything, and i do mean EVERYTHING MUST be viewed through the prism of RACE.  Something this nation has long since rendered moot.

I remember real racism, I grew up in the south and saw it first hand.  The separate bathrooms, the lunch counter protests the lynchings, and all the rest.

The few incidents we have today, when compared to the 50’s are like comparing the Hiroshima bomb to a wet firecracker. the race war is over… Racism LOST!

Our Media ignores real news to push stories about manufactured crises, and voyeuristic badgering of dead men while our world teeters on the brink of world war 3…  it all seems like a no win scenario.


What no one in the government seems to see is that more and more every year the sleeping American eagle is awakening.

An eagle is not just any bird. it is one of the most deadly and effective predators in the sky. they can see clearly things at distances humans only perceive as a vague blur, and they can strike with blinding speed out of the sun where you never see them coming.

Consider this a fair warning to the government.  The eagle is waking up, and mice and weasels should start treading a lot lighter, not to mention start looking over their shoulders…

My message to the administration.


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