The Caliphate is news NOW???

Some of us have been telling anyone who would listen that the Caliphate was coming for three or four years, but suddenly, now that the MSM has actually used the word on live TV, it’s become a real thing, and Google searches about the word are through the roof. 

I don’t know about you, but I stopped listening to the MSM about the time Clinton got elected, and Jimmy Carter became a “Great man”. I clearly, and fondly, remember when Carter was “Mr Peanut”. and the “Idiot from Georgia” and for the record I lived in SC at the time, so this wasn’t a north south thing. This was also about the time Mikhail Gorbachev started getting credit for ending the cold war, and Margaret Thatcher’s name became a curse word in England.

The Media was changing the very history I’d just lived through right before my eyes, and the saddest thing of all was how many people my own age were buying into it. That was also about the time I started looking up the definitions and origins of words like “Propaganda” and phrases like “the Big Lie”.

What I found caused me to stop blindly trusting the MSM, and my overall opinion of them has only gone down sharply from there.

Not long after, I began studying the works of people like Saul Alinsky, and as I read I started seeing more patterns, and those patterns kept repeating themselves in more and more extreme cycles. This, coupled with a near-complete lack of the normalcy bias in my own psychological make-up led me to look at things very differently. It dose make me more pessimistic than average I admit, but it has yet to lead me astray.

Being open to the existence of such unthinkable scenarios allows me, and others like me, to see things coming. I began seeing these patterns in the 90’s, but no one wanted to think for themselves any more, they just accepted any emotion-laced argument spoon-fed to them by the MSM and checked their own brains at the door.

People today mostly seem to think with their hearts and their glans. Their brains are not even invited to the conversation.

The clear and obvious clues to what was coming in the middle east were all right there for anyone to put together, but most refused to look because they could not accept the idea that something as nasty as the Caliphate could ever happen, much less that groups would be trying to make it happen. They just couldn’t accept the idea of that sort of evil still existing in the world, and now ISIS is rubbing their collective noses in it.

The Caliphate is a theocracy, a complete and absolute religious state.

With the possible exception of the Vatican, (population under 900 people, covering 110 acers.), can anyone name a theocracy in all of history that was anything other than a bloody, ruthless, tyrant state? Anyone?

“Hears Crickets…”

To make matters worse, it’s a theocracy based on the madness that is Sharia law, where a woman needs 3 male witnesses to prove she was raped. Girls as young as 8yr are forced to marry grown men, (some died on their wedding night.) and non-believers may be robbed, beaten, raped, or crucified without penalty in today’s society. Now some of you may try and point out that all Theocracies have allowed similar things IN THE PAST, but as I said, ISIS is doing it TODAY. These psychotic monsters are the very definition of evil. But wait.. aren’t our kids taught today that there is no such thing as Good or Evil there are only different points of view.

Gee, I wonder if that might be part of the reason no one wanted to look at the clues? Because it exposes The Big Lie. EVIL is very real, and all that it needs to win, is for good people to do nothing.

Wake up folks.


2 thoughts on “The Caliphate is news NOW???

  1. republiclandaroo says:

    They do not see because they do not wish to see…
    People are in denial or do not want to believe they are wrong or mislead. This is a great post. Most of this was predictable but gets hidden by politics and the media.

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