Have young women in this world lost their DAMN MINDS?

I read today about another story about two young women going to join ISIL and apparently one of them has been killed. I must say I’m not totally surprised, it was going to happen. But…

I have to ask, Isn’t that like black men (or women for that matter) going out to join the KKK?

These monsters in ISIL treat women as property. If one of those girls was raped, and decided to report it, she would need three Muslim men to testify in her behalf or she would be executed for immorality. She can be forced to marry an older man and becomes his property, or she can be passed around as a sex toy between multiple men if no one wants to marry her, and she doesn’t protest the rapes out of fear of being executed by Sharia “JUSTICE”. OH yeah.. I can see the appeal.

Those two IDIOTS are going to join that???

Let me be clear, I’ve never been one for blaming the victim, but in this case… Who’s fault is it if not hers?

I suppose you could blame our educational system, that teaches there is no god or evil only different points of view.

I suppose you could blame the modern feminist movement, who treats getting free birth control and abortions as more important than speaking out against the way many Muslims treat women.

I suppose you could blame the mass media, who refuse to report stories like this in favour of stories about what pathetic bit of exhibitionism Kim Kardashian, or Miley Cyrus is up to today.

I suppose you could blame their parents who failed to talk to their daughters and find out what sort of nonsense was filling their heads.

Take your pick… after all nothing is any ones direct fault any more is it?

Have these girls no sense at all? And yes I call them girls because they are to brainless to ever be called women. They walk freely into a meat-grinder and expect not to be reduced into product for the men of ISIL to consume?

The ANIMALS of ISIL need to be shot! Each and every one, but these girls put themselves into this mess, and it is very hard for me to work up much sympathy for them…

Does that make me a bad person?

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