The Administration has lost its mind!


There is SO MUCH wrong with how the CDC and the Administration are handling EBOLA that it is actually approaching Logical to think they are doing all this on purpose because the simple truth is, I’m not sure anyone is THAT stupid!
I mean… First off, is there anyone who still thinks this guy is a genius? I know that was the narrative the media put forward, but does anyone still buy into it?
I personally think the list is extremely small, but I guess sometimes I’m an optimist 🙂
And even if you do… do you think the guys at the CDC know their asses from a hole in the ground? Based on the OFFICIAL statements by their OFFICIAL spokesman they are about as clueless as Urkle in a speed dating event.
Let me get this straight… The most definitive action they have taken so far is to propose a ban on flights out of Texas… but not on flights out of Liberia.
When asked “why there was no ban on incoming flights from Liberia?” the spokesman for the CDC dodged and ducked a direct answer like Neo dodging bullets from Agent Smith…
I ask one simple question…

“Do you honestly still believe a word out of the mouths of this administration and its lackeys?


One thought on “The Administration has lost its mind!

  1. John says:

    This administration has been a failure at soo many levels but this may be the worst.

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