Emperor Obama the first prepaires to cross the Rubicon.

Tonight Obama is scheduled to announce a sweeping amnesty for Illegal aliens and he wont even broadcast it on American TV. He spent years telling us over and over in his own words how he does not have the authority to just what he is about to do. He has gone on at length about how he is a President, not an Emperor and that is why he can’t take the law into his own hands and yet her he is about to do exactly that. Johnathan Gruber caused shock-waves recently when he called American voters stupid… Yet now Obama is about to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt and it looks like he is going to get away with it. Today’s regulations require the White house to request air time from the main-stream media, and they DID NOT make the request, yet are trying to blaim there own lap dog media for not carrying the speech. It will be broadcast on Univision. Interesting… especially when you realize is will be directly prior to the Latin worlds equivalent of the Grammies, and its also some sort of Mexican revolution day…

If Obama is not stopped, he will have literally done what Cesar did. He will cross the Rubicon tonight, and if he is not stopped, this will set a DANGEROUS precedent. If he gets away with this, what will ever stop him? What will stop him from demanding a third term? Because face it, if he gets away with this, how does anyone have a leg to stand on to tell him no he can’t have a third term?

And yes, I know his popularity is at an all-time low, but remember that less than 50% percent of Germans supported Hitler when he was first elected in 1933… 48% as I recall.

This is a nation of LAW not MEN, and once the Rule of Law is ignored from the highest office, what is left of it? How can anyone claim with a straight face that the rules even exist?

And for those who do not think this is as bad as it seems I remind you that our Border patrol has been all but disarmed based on a mysterious claim that some of their guns might malfunction. Weapons that have one of the best service records of any firearms ever made, yet NOW they might malfunction?

This has been planned to the last detail people….

Add on top of that:

The looming Ferguson Grand-jury decision.

The instability of the Middle east, and the direct connection between the Muslim radicals on the ground in Ferguson that has been reported by several different media sources.

The UN small-arms treaty that goes into effect in Dec, and our Presidents support of it.

Common Core education standards teaching kids that every aspect of US history is evil and corrupt.

The instability of our Dollar, and the way it is being uncoupled from oil by many major nations.

The massive unemployment numbers that are still not being honestly reported in the US (they NOW use U3 numbers, not the U6 numbers that were used for DECADES prior to 2008)

People were in it up to our necks… and this Dictator must not be allowed to cross the Rubicon!

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