I’ve been puzzling over the why of all this since the rebel flag mess started…

WHY NOW? And I think I may have figured it out.

The progressive left is both Jealous, and afraid!

They’ve spent the last 40 years telling everyone that the south is the dark heart of racism and stupidity. The very essence of hate and division. The place where white men were still the Klan and black men were still persecuted on a daily basis… yet after the deaths of nine innocent black people at the hands of one insane white idiot the city of Charleston came together, BLACK and WHITE and morned the dead like civilized, sane, humans should.

By contrast, the people of progressive enlightened Baltimore tore their neighborhood apart over the questionable death of a single black man with a very checkered past because he was in police custody at the time and then they charged 6 cops with racism when 3 of them were black as well, yet In the end the death was ruled accidental by the coroners office.

Unfortunately, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby continues to hold them despite the findings at the writing of this piece.

The simple truth is the progressive left is afraid that if people start to realize how utterly wrong they are about the south, they might start asking other questions…

So they turned to the closest target of opportunity, the rebel flag, and tried to focus all the attention there, hoping no one would notice how utterly united and peaceful Charleston was in the face of a far more grievous crime than what had occurred in Baltimore.

In Charleston there was no doubt.. no question who did what.

It was a white man, and he maliciously killed 9 innocent black people in cold blood… yet there was no riot.. not looting, no subsequent rise in violent crime… There was only a community coming together to comfort each other in the face of a brutal act of madness. No thought to race or gender… only simple human compassion for his fellow man. The very essence of Christianity.

Where is the hate? Where is the intolerance?

Charleston was one of the ports where slaves entered the south and home to one of the largest slave markets in the colonies, yet in that very city black and white morn together in fellowship and peace.


The city of Baltimore has been controlled by the beneficent, loving, inclusive, Democrats for 50 years. Yet in all that time it has turned into a racial powder keg despite its leaderships deep abiding concern for the minorities who called it home.

How’s that working out for you Baltimore?

Charleston gives absolute LIE to the progressive narrative, and thus must be downplayed and hidden. That is why this ridiculous brouhaha has suddenly cropped up out of no where. The progressives can not allow people to realize the HUGE lie they have been selling. They need people divided so they can be controlled because that is what Progressivism is all about… CONTROL.

So WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BULL CRAP people… you have been LIED TO!


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