Why do people keep denying what they see with their own eyes?

ISIS is a clear and present danger to the world as a whole, yet most people in the US refuse to see it.

I think many are afraid to say it out loud for fear of inciting a ‘Crusade’ against Islam, but if you really understand history you will see that even the original crusades were not actually started by the Christians.

They were in response to Muslim attacks on pilgrims to the Holy-land. For almost 300 years prior to the first crusade.

Christian pilgrims were being enslaved, kidnapped and killed all over the region.

When they were captured alive, and if they were rich enough, they were ransomed back to their families in return for gold.

The Muslims were bleeding Europe dry, and according to their faith it was the right thing to do. It was extracting the Jizyah (a tax on all non Muslims) from non believers. They’re still doing this today, only the prices have gone up.

We fear being accused of starting a Holy War, but the truth is we’re already in one, declared by Islamists world wide on the rest of us. It was started by Mohamed 1400 years ago and has never ended.

It’s gone through waves of intensity, but it’s never stopped, and ISIS has put the peddle to the floor.

You must understand something about Islam.

To Islamists there are only 2 parts to the world.

There is: Dar al-Islam, or in English: The House of Islam

and There is: Dar al-Harb, or in English: The House of War

It’s the ultimate ‘My Way or the Highway’ philosophy. You’re with them or you’re the enemy.

To them there’s no such thing as a neutral party, and lets face it, the US is their primary target with Israel running a close second.

All you need to do is watch some of the ISIS videos on line to see that what I’m saying is true in their very own words.

They are not being coy about it. In fact they are screaming it from the roof tops,

Convert or Die!

All I can say is… I ain’t converting, so take your best shot, but be warned I shoot back.


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