Islamist Terrorisum comes to California

San Bernadino is being painted by the media as a gun control issue, but it is in point of fact a TERRORIST ATTACK, just like Fort Hood.

The two shooters were both devout Muslims by the admission of the man’s own father and brother, and the FBI knew this within minutes of the incident, yet the media ran with the idea of a mass shooting to push gun control.

Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire on a bunch of innocent civilians killing 12 (or 14 reports vary) and injuring as many as 17 others.

The media was reporting last night that it was all because of a argument at a Christmas party, and just another random act of gun violence…. yet after this “argument” the man returned with help, guns, bullet proof vests, bombs, and go-pro cameras to record the entire thing.

WORK PLACE VIOLENCE… MY ASS! this was a planned TERRORIST ATTACK and if the media or the government says otherwise they are lying!!!!!!!!!!!!

The question is why? I can only come up with a few possibilities…

1.) They so desperately want to take our guns away that they will ignore the obvious motivations to get what they want?

2.) Are they so afraid of Islamist reactions that they refuse to name the enemy for fear of reprisal?

3.) Our administration is is actually run by Islamists, (or at least an Islamist sympathisers.) who are covering for them.

Take your pick but those are the only explanations I can come up with, and none of them ends well for us.

Anyone else have an idea I missed?


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