How many times do we hear about laws designed to prevent crime? I don’t know about you, but I hear it almost daily. The real question should be… Is prevention even possible, and if so, how do you measure it?

Do statistics prove that prevention works? Some say yes, absolutely, but in every case, from Drunk Driving, to Gun Homicides, there was already a trend downward before the Prevention laws were enacted. If you don’t believe me look it up…

The simple truth is that LAWS DON’T PREVENT ANYTHING! They only give the government another way to control peoples actions and extract money from them. Again, don’t believe me, LOOK IT UP.

Now I know that after a short while, some such laws will effect the behaviour of honest citizens because they fear the consequences, but at the same time those laws do nothing to actual criminals, because criminals already disregard basic social norms. As a result, people who might break this new, and of course IMPORTANT LAW, occasionally and most often in great moderation are repressed, while those who’re the actual problem, and break such laws in excess with no regard for moderation continue to break it as they always have because they do not recognize the concept of Right and Wrong, they only understand what they can get away with.

There are 300 million plus people in this country, and only 1 million police, but far from all of them are actual COPs. (for the record the term means Constables On Patrol) the majority are desk jockeys who never made an arrest in their entire carrier.

So at the impossible BEST, we’re talking about 300 people for every officer.

Now you tell me, how is it possible for one man to make sure 300 follow every law in the books?

Simple answer, THEY CAN’T. So how exactly are these preventative laws suppose to work?

The BEST THEORETICAL odds are 300 to 1 that ANYTHING is prevented. (the real odds are FAR, FAR worse…)

So why do governments push “Preventative” Laws? The answer is clear and simple for anyone with their eyes open.

They want more control.

If honest men are afraid to do X, and the government creates enough X’s they can control everything the public does. This is the goal of all bureaucrats, because the mindset that most appeals to that particular vocation is one of controlling others. Again LOOK IT UP…

It’s simple logic really. A concept that seems far too confusing for many people these days.

IF A is equal to B and B is < C then A can NEVER be equal to C.



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