Merry Christmas!

Today I have actually heard a man say that those two words are as bad as murder…


I celebrate Christmas… so I wish people Merry Christmas.  I have friends that celebrate Hanukkah, and they say Happy Hanukkah. I don’t personally know any one,  but I’m aware of people out there who celebrate Festivus, and Yule (well I actually know a few of these… but anyway) , and even Quanza… so here is my question.

Why can’t I just say Merry Christmas, you say Happy Hanukkah, and the other guy say Yule Tide Greetings… and we all just smile and go on about our business… Good wishes are good wishes. Why do PEOPLE have to create another way to divide us?

If there was ever a MANUFACTURED ISSUE this is it!

I say, pull your head out of YOUR OWN KEASTER, lighten up, and enjoy the HOLIDAYS!


So to all my readers… (both of you 😉 )


Merry Christmas!


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