Gee the progressive shills are out in force today.

All this fake outrage over asking Trump a hard question…

Trump is nothing but a spoiler in this race. he is positioning himself to split the tea party vote so a good candidate can’t beat Jeb (Progressive GOP) and we get stuck with him.

If somehow Jeb loses, Trump will then run third-party to give the race to Hillary(Progressive Democrat)

The man is an opportunistic arrogant Jerk who only cares about his own power. He has donated and met with both the Clinton’s and the Bush’s.

He’s pimping himself out to both sides so no matter how it all turns out HE wins…

How is he getting so much support form otherwise intelligent people???

You really want to save wildlife??? here’s how.

This whole brouhaha over Cecile the lion got me thinking.

Do you really want to actually save the species or just yell at hunters and make yourself feel superior? If you really want to save them, a very simple and nearly fool-proof solution is available for most of them their for most of them.


Once you tie human self interest directly the survival of a species, that species is guaranteed to thrive.

Look at the American Bison. It was nearly wiped-out by the start of the 20th century… but now they are making a come back. WHY? Because people make money off their existence… we eat them… we want to watch them… etc etc etc…

I heard about programs like this in Africa back in the late 90s but I can find nothing about them now. The local villages would “claim” a heard of elephants, and the government let them profit from running the tours and such. It gave the Villages a source of income where they had none, AND it gave the villagers a strong motivation to protect the herd… it was their income source… so poachers lives got a LOT more CHANCY.

I’m guessing all the tyrannical governments in that region shut it down because they wanted to keep the villages poor and under their thumbs… but I can see no logical reason the system would not work.

Why not do this everywhere? Let the villages in these third world countries run wild life tours, and keep the money… then see how many animals get poached.

Right now, none of these big conservancy organizations can pay anyone enough to be immune from bribes to look the other way, but a villager who knows his kids next meal depends on keeping the wild-life alive is much harder to bribe…

Tell me how this would not work…



I’ve been puzzling over the why of all this since the rebel flag mess started…

WHY NOW? And I think I may have figured it out.

The progressive left is both Jealous, and afraid!

They’ve spent the last 40 years telling everyone that the south is the dark heart of racism and stupidity. The very essence of hate and division. The place where white men were still the Klan and black men were still persecuted on a daily basis… yet after the deaths of nine innocent black people at the hands of one insane white idiot the city of Charleston came together, BLACK and WHITE and morned the dead like civilized, sane, humans should.

By contrast, the people of progressive enlightened Baltimore tore their neighborhood apart over the questionable death of a single black man with a very checkered past because he was in police custody at the time and then they charged 6 cops with racism when 3 of them were black as well, yet In the end the death was ruled accidental by the coroners office.

Unfortunately, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby continues to hold them despite the findings at the writing of this piece.

The simple truth is the progressive left is afraid that if people start to realize how utterly wrong they are about the south, they might start asking other questions…

So they turned to the closest target of opportunity, the rebel flag, and tried to focus all the attention there, hoping no one would notice how utterly united and peaceful Charleston was in the face of a far more grievous crime than what had occurred in Baltimore.

In Charleston there was no doubt.. no question who did what.

It was a white man, and he maliciously killed 9 innocent black people in cold blood… yet there was no riot.. not looting, no subsequent rise in violent crime… There was only a community coming together to comfort each other in the face of a brutal act of madness. No thought to race or gender… only simple human compassion for his fellow man. The very essence of Christianity.

Where is the hate? Where is the intolerance?

Charleston was one of the ports where slaves entered the south and home to one of the largest slave markets in the colonies, yet in that very city black and white morn together in fellowship and peace.


The city of Baltimore has been controlled by the beneficent, loving, inclusive, Democrats for 50 years. Yet in all that time it has turned into a racial powder keg despite its leaderships deep abiding concern for the minorities who called it home.

How’s that working out for you Baltimore?

Charleston gives absolute LIE to the progressive narrative, and thus must be downplayed and hidden. That is why this ridiculous brouhaha has suddenly cropped up out of no where. The progressives can not allow people to realize the HUGE lie they have been selling. They need people divided so they can be controlled because that is what Progressivism is all about… CONTROL.

So WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BULL CRAP people… you have been LIED TO!

The simple truth about Conceled carry

One of the single most effective aspects of concealed carry, is its basic deterrent effect on crime in general. Now I’m sure any gun grabber worth his salt will start quoting a dozen academic studies that find “no correlation” between crime rates and concealed carry, but remember that 90% of collage professors are self confessed liberals ( IE Progressives… but that’s a different topic)

Why on earth do you need an “expert study” to explain basic common sense? Especially since most so called experts seem to posses almost no common sense.

Lets break it down for the “experts” so perhaps even they can get it…

QUESTION: If you are going to commit a crime, do you want a helpless victim? Or one that can fight back?

ANSWER: You want a helpless victim.

Now can anyone tell me ANY set of circumstances where this is not true other than mental instability, or chemical inebriation?


Therefore, if the crooks do not know who is armed and who isn’t, they will be less likely to attack, and thus crime goes DOWN!


Experts can go on for days about ‘socio-economic issues’ or ‘racial profiling’ or any of a hundred other factors they claim are more important, but when you come down to it, once a man makes the decision to commit a crime, regardless of how he got there, he still considers his survival before anything else because what good is the crime if he will not live to enjoy the spoils…

Again, nothing complex, just basic human nature and survival instinct. And it overrides the experts ‘reasons’ every time… that is why it’s called human nature. It is bred into the bones of EVERY person on the planet, regardless of ANY other factor.

That basic survival instinct overrides everything else, and if you are intellectually honest at all you will admit this. It does not matter how you got to that point, that does not effect basic human nature. This is true of every person ever born, from the lowliest street-sweeper to the richest Midas. EVERYONE wants to survive.

SO the fact that people in an area have the right to carry their own weapons WILL figure into the criminals calculations. It is an indisputable FACT of logic. No studies or surveys to the contrary can ever change that simple basic aspect of human nature. .. Everyone wants to SURVIVE!

Now that accounts for the majority of crime, but how about the mentally unstable or the chemically inebriated? Does it deter them?

No of course not. When your brain is addled, logic goes out the window… but concealed carry still helps even in those circumstances.

It is just a simple matter of odds.

Currently the US population is approx. 319 million.

And despite recent increases, the US still only has about 1.1 million cops.

You do the math. Can one cop protect 300 civilians at all times?

Consider that the minimum most private security firms use to protect a single individual 24/7/365 is 9. Three 8-hour shifts, of three men each.

So who is actually responsible for protecting you?


And no matter how you frame it, every single licensed and trained concealed carry holder out there is one more chance to stop the random nut-job or drugged out idiot when they do pop up.

The Hoplophobiacs (people who fear weapons) always want to paint anyone who carries as some sort of slavering, bloodthirsty psychopath. But the honest truth is, we’re the sane ones. We are the ones that understand the logic and the odds, and know that when the time comes the only person we can count on to defend ourselves and our loved ones is OURSELVES.

Despite the diligent job they do, most police arrive in time to draw the chalk outlines.

I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to have my last portrait drawn in chalk.

FLAT TAX is the only real way to change things.

I have heard this argument raging all over for over a decade, and the simple truth is both sides have valid points.

1) Either would be better than the current progressive income tax.
2) Either would break the power of the IRS (something that MUST be done)
3) Either would put a financial limit on government it does not currently posses.

For myself, I have bounced back and forth between the two, but now I’m a 100% supporter of the Flat Tax, and here is why…

I have often heard the Fair taxers claim that their system is simpler than the IRS… 100% true! BUT it is still 40 pages filled with rules and exceptions that give bureaucrats all sorts of wiggle room, and if I know one thing, it is that if you give a bureaucrats wiggle room it will result in a new government agency!

The original Tax code was only one page, yet it has grown to well over 70,000. in the last 102 years what is to stop the Fair tax code from turning into the exact same behemoth with a different face?

I have yet to get anything like a good answer for this.

With the flat tax the entire tax code could be printed on a post card.


Every citizen will pay a MAXIMUM of 10% of their earned income to the government no matter its source. Be it paycheck, return on investment, or otherwise. If you are payed in cash it is your responsibility to pay your taxes and keep records proving your income and payments. Failure to do so will result in a fine of no less and no more than the difference between your actual payment, and the national average taxes for whatever job you do. No exceptions, no deductions, no loopholes, no tax credits, ever.

There is no wiggle room there. No place for politicians and bureaucrats to play the games that have put us in the mess we are in. No exceptions, which are always used to justify “just one more exception”….

The Fair tax might be nice, but the Flat Tax is orders of Magnitude harder to monkey with. And lets face it. Politicians are monkeys who just cant resit turning knobs and flipping switches just to see what they do.

FLAT TAX all the way!

To the People of France

Our leadership has fallen silent, so it’s up to individuals to pick up the slack.

I am speaking for myself, my family, and I hope many more Americas when I say we weep with you today for you loss and for the senseless wound inflicted upon you by Radical Islam.  They are the greatest threat to peace in our time.

My prayers are with you and I only wish I could offer you more than words. Please do not confuse our leadership with our people, for they are no longer one in the same.

May God comfort, and be with you in your time of need.


David Bagwell.