Well the “Silly Season” is almost over…

I don’t know who you voted for, or are are going to vote for, but as far as i can tell no matter who wins we lose.

Face it, we have a choice between the Amazing Captain Comb-over, and the Wicked Witch of Bengahzi. Neither one fills me with hope.

at this point, i firmly believe this nations last hope lies with the Article 5 convention currently being organized. if your not aware of it check out the site.


These guys are serious, and It is the last option we have to get rid of the power mad lunatics running this nation into the ground.

Good luck and God bless.


Sorry I’ve been away.

Since i last posted here a LOT has changed.

  1. My wife and I were ‘forced’ to move into our first house. (not a bad thing but I’ll explain later)
  2. I’ve been trying to finish GoL vol. 2 as well as get a totally new series published.
  3. I’ve been dealing with the disaster we are currently calling an election cycle.
  4. Fighting for second amendment issues in my current state of residence.
  5. And fighting my own EPIC laziness.

First off,  Please understand that while GoL is a work of my heart it’s not the only thing rolling around in my brain.

I’m also working on a series of books I’ve been working on for 20+ years called Winter World, and a series of super hero short stories set in a common world effected by something I call the Hayden event. (sadly with little success so far in the second case.)

My wife and i were forced out of our home of six years by a vindictive apartment complex who did not like the fact that several tenants in a single building came together and beat them in court 4 times in a row over evicting a couple on trumped up accusations about their dog.

Now as a result of good old fashion southern vindictiveness, my wife and I now own our own first home! So i guess even the darkest sort of human behavior can produce good out-comes once in a blue moon.

In the future I’ll try to update this blog at least once a week. but then again there is the issue of my EPIC laziness…

Wish me luck .

Merry Christmas!

Today I have actually heard a man say that those two words are as bad as murder…


I celebrate Christmas… so I wish people Merry Christmas.  I have friends that celebrate Hanukkah, and they say Happy Hanukkah. I don’t personally know any one,  but I’m aware of people out there who celebrate Festivus, and Yule (well I actually know a few of these… but anyway) , and even Quanza… so here is my question.

Why can’t I just say Merry Christmas, you say Happy Hanukkah, and the other guy say Yule Tide Greetings… and we all just smile and go on about our business… Good wishes are good wishes. Why do PEOPLE have to create another way to divide us?

If there was ever a MANUFACTURED ISSUE this is it!

I say, pull your head out of YOUR OWN KEASTER, lighten up, and enjoy the HOLIDAYS!


So to all my readers… (both of you 😉 )


Merry Christmas!


How many times do we hear about laws designed to prevent crime? I don’t know about you, but I hear it almost daily. The real question should be… Is prevention even possible, and if so, how do you measure it?

Do statistics prove that prevention works? Some say yes, absolutely, but in every case, from Drunk Driving, to Gun Homicides, there was already a trend downward before the Prevention laws were enacted. If you don’t believe me look it up…

The simple truth is that LAWS DON’T PREVENT ANYTHING! They only give the government another way to control peoples actions and extract money from them. Again, don’t believe me, LOOK IT UP.

Now I know that after a short while, some such laws will effect the behaviour of honest citizens because they fear the consequences, but at the same time those laws do nothing to actual criminals, because criminals already disregard basic social norms. As a result, people who might break this new, and of course IMPORTANT LAW, occasionally and most often in great moderation are repressed, while those who’re the actual problem, and break such laws in excess with no regard for moderation continue to break it as they always have because they do not recognize the concept of Right and Wrong, they only understand what they can get away with.

There are 300 million plus people in this country, and only 1 million police, but far from all of them are actual COPs. (for the record the term means Constables On Patrol) the majority are desk jockeys who never made an arrest in their entire carrier.

So at the impossible BEST, we’re talking about 300 people for every officer.

Now you tell me, how is it possible for one man to make sure 300 follow every law in the books?

Simple answer, THEY CAN’T. So how exactly are these preventative laws suppose to work?

The BEST THEORETICAL odds are 300 to 1 that ANYTHING is prevented. (the real odds are FAR, FAR worse…)

So why do governments push “Preventative” Laws? The answer is clear and simple for anyone with their eyes open.

They want more control.

If honest men are afraid to do X, and the government creates enough X’s they can control everything the public does. This is the goal of all bureaucrats, because the mindset that most appeals to that particular vocation is one of controlling others. Again LOOK IT UP…

It’s simple logic really. A concept that seems far too confusing for many people these days.

IF A is equal to B and B is < C then A can NEVER be equal to C.


Islamist Terrorisum comes to California

San Bernadino is being painted by the media as a gun control issue, but it is in point of fact a TERRORIST ATTACK, just like Fort Hood.

The two shooters were both devout Muslims by the admission of the man’s own father and brother, and the FBI knew this within minutes of the incident, yet the media ran with the idea of a mass shooting to push gun control.

Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire on a bunch of innocent civilians killing 12 (or 14 reports vary) and injuring as many as 17 others.

The media was reporting last night that it was all because of a argument at a Christmas party, and just another random act of gun violence…. yet after this “argument” the man returned with help, guns, bullet proof vests, bombs, and go-pro cameras to record the entire thing.

WORK PLACE VIOLENCE… MY ASS! this was a planned TERRORIST ATTACK and if the media or the government says otherwise they are lying!!!!!!!!!!!!

The question is why? I can only come up with a few possibilities…

1.) They so desperately want to take our guns away that they will ignore the obvious motivations to get what they want?

2.) Are they so afraid of Islamist reactions that they refuse to name the enemy for fear of reprisal?

3.) Our administration is is actually run by Islamists, (or at least an Islamist sympathisers.) who are covering for them.

Take your pick but those are the only explanations I can come up with, and none of them ends well for us.

Anyone else have an idea I missed?

Why do people keep denying what they see with their own eyes?

ISIS is a clear and present danger to the world as a whole, yet most people in the US refuse to see it.

I think many are afraid to say it out loud for fear of inciting a ‘Crusade’ against Islam, but if you really understand history you will see that even the original crusades were not actually started by the Christians.

They were in response to Muslim attacks on pilgrims to the Holy-land. For almost 300 years prior to the first crusade.

Christian pilgrims were being enslaved, kidnapped and killed all over the region.

When they were captured alive, and if they were rich enough, they were ransomed back to their families in return for gold.

The Muslims were bleeding Europe dry, and according to their faith it was the right thing to do. It was extracting the Jizyah (a tax on all non Muslims) from non believers. They’re still doing this today, only the prices have gone up.

We fear being accused of starting a Holy War, but the truth is we’re already in one, declared by Islamists world wide on the rest of us. It was started by Mohamed 1400 years ago and has never ended.

It’s gone through waves of intensity, but it’s never stopped, and ISIS has put the peddle to the floor.

You must understand something about Islam.

To Islamists there are only 2 parts to the world.

There is: Dar al-Islam, or in English: The House of Islam

and There is: Dar al-Harb, or in English: The House of War

It’s the ultimate ‘My Way or the Highway’ philosophy. You’re with them or you’re the enemy.

To them there’s no such thing as a neutral party, and lets face it, the US is their primary target with Israel running a close second.

All you need to do is watch some of the ISIS videos on line to see that what I’m saying is true in their very own words.

They are not being coy about it. In fact they are screaming it from the roof tops,

Convert or Die!

All I can say is… I ain’t converting, so take your best shot, but be warned I shoot back.